Fine, I’ll just #doodle whatever I want then. You are cleared for landing!

I hope my hammer-wielding longbowman build is still viable in Mount & Blade II, per attached #doodle

@brandonmwest @Jennife53137148 A #doodle you might like. I can’t hear “craft beer” without thinking this.

@laurenfrotch This #doodle may have gone down differently had it been a soft taco.

@Bingsome As illustrated in this #doodle ?

Unsolicited #doodle. This is what happens when I get no doodle requests.

I think we can all learn something from this #doodle for @minus_b

@minus_b Here’s the most “high concept” #doodle yet. I hear Tracy dumped him for a tostada.

@minus_b The yogurt monster in this #doodle is slightly hairy because he’s Greek #rimshot

Haven’t had any #doodle requests today, so here’s the clown that lives in @minus_b ‘s basement.